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Love, Life, Beautiful Melancholy

Book Title : Biru Magenta
Writer : Ratna Satyavati & Stebby Julionatan
Book Pages : 188 pages
Date Published : First edition, May 2015
ISBN : 978-602-72575-0-4
Publisher : Ruang Kosong Publishing
Reviewer : Reffi Dhinar

Cinta adalah berjalan dengan kaki masing-masing sambil tetap menyisihkan ruang yang hangat untuknya… #BiruMagenta

Poem or poetry is one of the beautiful way to express untold feeling and story. This poetry book invite us to the poetic journey of two people who write their feelings. Two writers who use two metaphor to give another name for theirselves, they are Biru and Magenta. From the first page, the reader will find many simple poem but deep, which is written such as a meaningful conversation. Reciprocally.

Forget about the difficult phrase or difficult interpretation. To read this book, we only need the pure mind and honesty. We could admit how beautiful love is even the heart throb could change one’s life so chaotic. Distance is the bridge for two lovers become closer. By the yearning sentences, through the lullaby because the distance, Biru and Magenta express their own thought.

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