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‘Di Kota Tuhan’ Seeing Probolinggo Through Biblical Lens

Published in The Jakarta Post, Sunday, May 5, 2019. And writen by Nedi Putra AW, as Contributor


Faith: Poet Stebby Julionatan combines biblical narrative and memories of his hometown, Probolinggo, in his latest poetry collection.

Stebby Julionatan shares melancholic tales about his hometown of Probolinggo, East Jawa in his latest poetry collection, titled Di Kota Tuhan, Aku Adalah Daging yang Kau Pecah-Pecah (In the City of God, I am the Body that You Break Into Pieces).

“It is my mission to introduce Probolinggo to the public,” the 35-years-old poet said.

Stebby intriguingly writes his poem in biblical frameworks. The 33 poems in the book are divided into two ‘exegeses”. The first, set from September 2015 to May 2016, take the narrative from of Genesis. In the second exegesis, Psalms narrative is used to convey the events between May and September 2017.

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